How to Choose the Best Application to Invest Your Money


How to choose the best application for my money? What are the factors for me to choose the best investment available in the market? Want to find out the best deal to invest my money? All these questions permeate the head of those who have money to invest but have doubts about how and where to do.

Is there a better application to invest your money?

Last year it was revealed that four out of ten Brazilians bet on financial investments, according to a study by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL). The same survey also showed that half of the population does not have money saved for emergency situations (emergency money). For those hoping to save some money in 2013 there will be some important information on how and what to invest.

Among the various possibilities of financial investments, the most sought after by Brazilians (27%) is still savings. This type of investment can be redeemed at any time without charge and there is no collection of the Income Tax, better for the taxpayer’s pocket.

Other common applications are the Bank Deposit Certificate (CDB), the Bank Deposit Receipt (RDB) and the Investment Funds. The CDB, also known as Fixed Income, is a loan made by financial institutions (private banks) in exchange for remuneration plus interest.

The term to redeem the invested resource is defined by the bank – term that varies according to the amount applied and the expected amount. At CDB there is a collection of Income Tax (IR). If the investor redeems the value in less than 30 days, IOF will also be charged.


What is the best time to make an investment application?


What is the best time to make an investment application?


In this type of application, the longer the application period the lower the percentage of IR to be charged. In summary, the advantages of the application in CDB is the absence of administration or performance fees; Regressive Income Tax; investment guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) and daily profitability. It is intended for both physical and legal persons.

Like the CDB, the RDB is also a way for banks to raise funds, in exchange for interest-bearing rents. However, it is not possible to withdraw the application before the due date, nor even negotiate the receipt on the secondary market. This type of application is aimed at individuals and legal entities.

Example of financial application

Example of financial application


The last example of financial investment is the Investment Funds. This application is possible with the union of people who want to make a certain financial investment. Together they form a legal entity, as a company. This union aims to raise funds for the investment application for later division of the resources obtained.

This type of application is managed by specialists, who set up strategies to capture higher profits in lower risk business portfolios. Talking like your bank manager or a specialist to tell you the best application facilitates your investment decision.