Interest and Taxes


Payroll-deductible loans are undoubtedly the type of loan for individuals with the lowest interest rate applied in the country. The great advantage aside from the interest rate are the facilities like the discount of the installments, in the consigned the repayment of the capital loaned together with the interest is done directly in the proceeds, salary, counter-check or benefit of the borrower. 

With the loan being discounted direct payroll, the debtor need not be worried about the discharge, with delays, fines or the like, the paycheck on the payroll is what guarantees the bank the return of the money borrowed and the interest applied.


 Personal credit modality

 Personal credit modality

And speaking of interest, in the personal credit modality for individuals does not yet have a cheaper than payroll, the interest rates are low and vary according to the line of loan and the term of payment contracted.

In the country it is possible to find payroll lines directed to retirees, pensioners, federal, state and municipal civil servants, military personnel and also some private companies.

This type of loan is the almost perfect solution to solve short-term and long-term financial problems. For people who do not have the financial resources or alternatives to get money, payroll can be a cheap option, including to pay more expensive debts.

With paycheck credit, it is possible to advance borrowed money in amounts ranging from R $ 1,000 to R $ 200,000 thousand without complication, in this loan format, repayment of credit can be contracted between 12 and 96 fixed and equal installments, in addition can be refinanced after 40% payment and fully paid at any time.

In Brazil the dispute for payroll loans is sharp, in the INSS and in the Governments, interest rates vary between 1.52% and maximum of 2.57%. Banks such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Bradesco, Santander, Banco do Brasil, Itaú Unibanco and HSBC are among the cheapest, but we also have banks BMG, Daycoval, BGN, Banco PAN, BicBanco, Paraná Banco and many others that specialize in consigned.