2021: Undergraduate researchers from UMass Dartmouth to attend Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference


Twenty-one students from across the University will present at the April 23 virtual event

On April 23, twenty-one students from UMass Dartmouth will attend the Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, which will be held virtually this year.

The conference showcases the diverse and defining research work of students at Commonwealth Public Colleges and Universities. The conference focuses on both the innovation and resilience of undergraduate researchers at the UMass Dartmouth campus.

This year’s participants include:

Olivia kathleen aguiar
Gavin Fay (faculty sponsor)
Department of Fisheries Oceanography
Variation in market composition and prices among New England seafood markets

Alan Farias Andonian
Amit Tandon (faculty sponsor)
Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Fluid movement over topography on a rotating planet

Allyson andrade
Kristen Sethares (faculty sponsor)
Department of Nursing
Development of a kinesthetic learning plan to promote self-care for hospitalized patients with heart failure

Sophie B. Costa
Shuowei Cai (faculty sponsor)
Department of chemistry and biochemistry
Neuronal protective effects of blueberries against oxidative stress on human neuroblastoma cells

Katelyn marie cox
Cathy Gardner (faculty sponsor)
Specialized college
Attitudes of College Students Toward Intending to Get a Flu Shot

Keigan cullen
Scott Field (faculty sponsor)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Comparative Analysis of Binary Black Hole Models in the Intermediate Mass Ratio Regime

Sarah D. Dulac
Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh (faculty sponsor)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The morphology of harbor seal vibrissae inspires the study of imprints left by moving hydrodynamic objects for the future development of underwater sensors

Andrea Catherine Elloian
Chandler Garden
Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh (faculty sponsor)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stability Analysis of Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Platform

Arielle N. Enos
Genevieve M. Kozak (Faculty Godfather)
Biology department
Resource availability modifies the effects of high temperature on assorted mating patterns in European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis)

Alyssa Giordano
Michael Sheriff (faculty sponsor)
Biology department
Road noise reduces prey responses to predation risk

Brianna nicole johnson
Alfa Heryudono (patron of the faculty)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Prototyping Parametric Ordinary Differential Equations with Machine Learning

Allison Leal
Laura Hanzly (faculty sponsor)
Department of Bioengineering.
Overview of Common Knee Injuries and the Implementation of Injury Prevention Regiments

Jack Alexandre Leduc
D. Steven White (faculty sponsor)
Department of Marketing, UMass Dartmouth
Brands take a stand: a study of consumer attitudes

Matthieu machado
Jennifer Dunbar Viveiros (faculty sponsor)
Department of Nursing
Reasons given by patients with heart failure for non-compliance with prescribed medications

Daelyn Nichole McClain
Chris Peter (faculty sponsor)
Biology department
Bacteriophage therapy as the optimal solution to the antibiotic resistance pandemic

James D. Mellen
Shari Evans (faculty sponsor)
Department of English Literature
Disability and Colonialism at Tommy Orange’s There, There

Kevin michael raggiani
Mehdi Raessi (Sponsor of the Faculty)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Computer simulations of the dynamics of surfactant plugs via bifurcated airway models – Application to surfactant replacement therapy in premature infants

Miya Spinella
Keivan Sadeghzadeh (faculty sponsor)
Department of Decision and Information Sciences
The role of the COVID-19 pandemic in the unemployment rate and mental health in the United States

Chelsea A. Spitz
Shuowei Cai (faculty sponsor)
Department of chemistry and biochemistry
Neuronal protective effects of blueberries by inhibition of tyrosinase and acetylcholinesterase

Hélène S. Teklehaimanot
MaryBeth Sosa (faculty sponsor)
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Attitudes of nursing faculty and nursing students towards complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Mae hazel wood
Kristen Sethares (faculty sponsor)
Department of Nursing
Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Knowledge and Perception Differences Between Black and Caucasian Students

Departments Public Affairs, News and Public Information, Office of Undergraduate Research, Research

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