2U announces its first online undergraduate degree


However, following the release of the company’s second quarter 2019 results, 2U said it had tempered enrollment and revenue expectations in response to increased online competition for students.

“Our bachelor’s degree offering will help prepare students around the world for a new workforce reality.”

The company “will moderate the pace of launching its graduate program” going forward as it focuses on optimizing the performance of existing programs, said Chip Paucek, co-founder and CEO of 2U.

However, Paucek indicated that the company will continue to sign new programs and that 2U’s competitive positioning remains “incredibly strong”.

With a strong emphasis on statistics, math, and computer skills, the new 36-month program with LSE will provide students with the essential digital economy skills needed by industries facing managing data-driven businesses, including including health, finance and public policy, according to provider online.

“We are delighted to partner with the University of London and LSE, two world-class institutions, for our first online undergraduate degree,” said Paucek.

“Data science and business analytics have become essential skills in today’s digital economy, and our bachelor’s degree offering will help prepare students around the world for this new workforce reality. . “

The University of London, of which LSE is an institutional member, is committed to delivering programs “relevant” to students and employers, said Craig O’Callaghan, Director of Operations and Deputy Managing Director, University of London Worldwide.

“We are excited to be working with 2U to further extend our reach,” said O’Callaghan.

“The BSc in Data Science and Business Analytics is very relevant to today’s employers across all industries, who now require their staff to deal with data and analytics on a regular basis.

“This degree program prepares them to meet these requirements and ensures that they are ready to work.”

The program, which will be designed by LSE professors, will be available on mobile devices from almost anywhere in the world, according to 2U.

“This degree program is designed to respond to modern challenges that arise from the availability of large and complex data in many areas of life,” said Irini Moustaki, program director at LSE.

“Employers, whether in the private or public sector, have a high – and unmet – demand for graduates who combine statistical and computer skills and are able to manage and develop models and algorithms to solve problems. real business or public policy in various disciplines. “


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