Allegheny College Joins Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network | New


Allegheny College launched the Allegheny Center for Sustainability to provide sustainability research and consulting services to regional businesses and organizations.

The new center is part of the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network, which was established in 2014 to enhance business expansion and development in the region.

The Hive is made up of six centers funded by grants and donations that work together to form the Hive Network, with each site operating in its own specialized area of ​​expertise. Hive centers review proposals and provide services at no cost to start-ups and established businesses.

In addition to Allegheny College, the network includes locations at Erie County Public Library, Gannon University, Mercyhurst University, Penn State Behrend, and PennWest Edinboro. Together, the network offers early-stage business consulting, market research, branding and marketing strategies, educational opportunities, and product and application development while providing undergraduates with unique experiences. career development. The network has served hundreds of entrepreneurs in the region.

“We are thrilled to join the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network and help advance its important role in strengthening the region’s economic development and vitality,” said Allegheny President Hilary L. Link. “The Allegheny Center for Sustainable Development builds on the strength of our nationally recognized environmental science and sustainability program, our leadership as one of the top 10 carbon neutral campuses in USA and on our distinctive interdisciplinary approach to preparing students to become creative problem-solvers.

The Allegheny Center for Sustainable Development will engage Allegheny faculty and students in meaningful research and consulting projects. Services envisioned for the center include product and manufacturing lifecycle assessments, design and installation of renewable energy systems, and building energy audits. The program also plans to accept proposals in the areas of sustainable agriculture, food systems, land use, environmental protection and restoration, institutional culture and behavior, energy and public policies.

Under faculty supervision, students will conduct research and provide consulting services through class projects, summer internships, senior comprehensive projects, and other avenues. The center will be managed collaboratively by the Allegheny Laboratory for Innovation and Creativity (ALIC), the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, and other university programs offering sustainability-related initiatives.

The Allegheny Lab for Innovation & Creativity is a center for technology research, manufacturing, and experimentation dedicated to developing student skills synthesized with their liberal arts education. ALIC-led initiatives include microgrants that allow students to develop their ideas for products, services, nonprofits, and projects, as well as co-op courses through which business leaders across the region offer students exposure to and experience of in-demand tools and technologies. ALIC’s facilities include a manufacturing lab with 3D printers, laser cutters, and a CNC/plasma cutter, as well as a computer lab with game design and development equipment.


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