Alumni Spotlight: Brian Duffy – Brookdale Community College


“The Brookdale Community College Alumni Association helped me stay in touch with a school that helped me at a turning point in my life when I made decisions that would affect my life, present and future, as well as my family,” said said Brian Duffy, Alumni Association board member.

“I chose Brookdale because it gave me the opportunity to attend evening classes, around my two jobs, and allowed me to get an education, a two-year degree, which I could take in a four-year college, ”said Duffy, a major in business administration, said. “With all of its programs, flexible schedule and location, Brookdale was a simple choice.”

While the decision to go to Brookdale may have been straightforward, Duffy still felt uncertain as he was a returning student with the added responsibilities of work and family in addition to being a student. “I was a very unconventional student, working two jobs, six to seven days a week and some nights, while trying to help my wife raise our young children,” he explained.

Despite being an unconventional student, Duffy excelled at Brookdale. He was a member of the two-year Phi Theta Kappa International University Honor Society (PTK) and graduated Brookdale with a cumulative GPA of 3.99 in May 2000.

After Brookdale, Duffy transferred to Kean University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. “I think the accomplishment of going to college part-time for six years, while working two jobs and having a family, was an accomplishment in itself,” Duffy said.

“I was a postman in my twenties, a student in my thirties, worked in the corporate world in my forties and now am an entrepreneur and business owner in my fifties because I own the agency. Allstate Insurance in nearby Eatontown. Brookdale made it all possible, ”Duffy explained.

Duffy joined Brookdale’s Alumni Association in 2012, was Treasurer of the Board of Directors from 2015 to 2017 and re-enlisted in 2020. This time around, I’m looking to get a little more involved in student mentoring, ” Duffy said. “My story is that of an unconventional student, and I have the impression that there are others who are in my place, young and old, who guide me.” Duffy would love to be a mentor for unconventional students to help them make their time at Brookdale as successful and rewarding as his.

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