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ESCANABA – Bay College is hosting an artist talk and reception with Brian Burroughs at the Besse Gallery at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. The exhibit, Other Language, is located in the Besse Gallery located on the main campus. His work will be visible from January 19 to February 23.

The conference and the exhibition are free, all are welcome. The college asks everyone on campus to wear a mask and stay home if they feel unwell. Thanks for helping keep the bay safe. For more information about the gallery, visit

Burroughs was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula. From an early age, it was clear that he had a talent for drawing and a passion for creating. He began attending Bay de Noc Community College in 1993 and graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1998 where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Art and Design.

Over the years, Burroughs has experimented with different types of media, including oil, acrylic, ink, pastel, and clay. However, what he is best known for are his graphite pencil drawings. Over the past several years, many of Burroughs’ drawings have won awards at jury art exhibitions, including numerous Best Show awards. His quirky and bizarre ideas are said to be thought-provoking and a bit disturbing to some. It is this unique imagery that has become what Burroughs is best known for.

Burroughs continues to create works of art daily. He draws his inspiration from his family, music and nature. Currently, for fun, he participates in online musician fan art contests. He has also collaborated with some local companies on the design of upcoming products.


“As far as I can remember, drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. Being able to build my own original image on what was once a blank canvas has always filled me with a sense of accomplishment. Over the past 20 years I have started to use drawing as a serious form of self-expression, turning my hobby into a medium for creating works of art.

“Almost all of my art is based on the exploration of relationships. Tying images to the feelings that arise from those relationships can be somewhat difficult. That’s why a lot of what I design involves my family, who are my most inspirations. Along with the subject of relationships, I also frequently use the themes of religion, mythology, science and nature in my work. My use of surreal ideas is another element that I find essential in my drawings. I rather like art when there is an element of surprise and an absence of reason. It makes me smile when I create images that I cannot explain. I prefer to leave it to myself and the viewer the freedom to interpret each piece as he wishes.

“My goal as an artist is just to keep creating. The type of work I’ve been doing lately is mostly done with graphite pencil. It gives me the precision and detail I’m looking for. Plus, the contrast between light and shadow and the depth it creates is key to much of my work. Recently I have been experimenting with color, which has always been a struggle for me. However, I have trouble putting the pencil down too long.

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