Badger Ready Offers Second Chance To Get Undergraduate Degree


Suppose you completed one or more semesters of college several years ago, but had to withdraw for personal reasons. Resuming an academic career at the school of your dreams, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, seems out of reach because your grades were far from great. Is there a way for someone like you to get into the state’s flagship university?

It’s now possible, thanks to Badger Ready. The new program provides an opportunity for adults 25 years of age and older and veterans of all ages who have already earned college credit but no diploma. Those selected for Badger Ready have a chance to prove themselves by completing at least 12 credits on the UW-Madison campus as special students (defined as those not seeking a college degree). If participants achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, they may be admitted as undergraduate transfer students and continue their progression to a four-year degree.

A joint project of Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) and the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Badger Ready is for mature students determined to overcome the hurdles to earn a UW-Madison degree.

“Providing access to higher education is an effective way to address inequalities in our community,” says Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, UW-Madison rector and vice-chancellor for academic affairs. “Adults who have struggled in their lives should be given a second chance to prove their academic ability, especially if they have been successful in the workplace or in other fields. Obtaining a UW-Madison degree can improve not only their career prospects, but also the economy of Wisconsin.

The ACSSS will review Badger Ready applications on an ongoing basis for the fall, spring or summer terms. To be eligible, applicants must have college credits and seek their first college degree. They cannot have previously been degree-seeking students at UW-Madison. Residency in Wisconsin is not a requirement, although Badger Ready is primarily designed for local adults who can take face-to-face classes on campus. ACSSS will assess high school and college applicants’ records as well as their career and educational goals to determine if UW-Madison is right for them.

Throughout the program, participants will receive advice and guidance from the ACSSS and campus partners. Those who do not meet the criteria to continue at UW-Madison will work with ACSSS staff to determine next steps to earn their degrees elsewhere.

Scholarships are available for Badger Ready students based on financial need, academic plans, and personal goals. Upon successful completion of the program, participants can apply for financial aid, scholarships for returning mature students, and other resources available to UW-Madison students, such as Bucky’s Tuition Promise.

Badger Ready will create new opportunities for adults keen to earn a UW-Madison degree despite previous academic challenges.

“With Badger Ready, a student’s GPA will not close the door to a bright future,” says Jeffrey S. Russell, Dean of UW-Madison Continuing Studies and Vice-President, Lifelong Learning. life. “This program is focused on the abilities of students in the present.

To learn more about Badger Ready or to apply, visit, call 608-263-6960 or email [email protected]


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