Capital College of Higher Education welcomes new members

Vezuhu Keyho publishes the annual magazine of Capital College of Higher Education in Kohima on Saturday.

Our correspondent
Kohima, July 30 (EMN): Capital College of Higher Education (CCHE) in Kohima celebrated its 15e meets freshmen at State Academy Hall on July 30 with its governing body chairman, Vezuhu Keyho, as a guest speaker on “New Beginnings.”

In his address, Keyho advised students to have a vision of life and to fear God. Elucidating on the importance of discipline, he said it is essential for personal management and a bridge for a person to achieve their dream in life.

Keyho urged students to be respectful of their teachers and elders and not to be shy about asking them for help. He pointed out that as beginners, they enter a new environment and a new horizon for which they must be careful and choose their friends wisely.

Stressing that the pandemic has taught so many things, including education having the difference between offline and online, in which the internet has become a “way of life”, he warned of the consequences and told students to use it wisely so as not to be dependent. to gadgets regardless of their age.

Keyho also told the students that without a purpose, life would be a mess. So he told the students to have goals in their lives and cultivate good habits, be sincere and polite.

The annual university magazine “Capitalum 2021-22” was also published by the guest speaker.

On the occasion, Leiying Konyak, the recently declared best student in the Nagaland University undergraduate examination, was congratulated with the students who got a distinction. The faculty members, in whose writing the students achieved distinctions, were also commended.

The welcome speech was delivered by Nuvota Khamo, President of CCHESU, while the speech on behalf of the freshmen was delivered by Khrievilie.


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