Delhi University to bring back 4 year undergraduate courses under NEP? Read the proposed plan here


New Delhi: As part of the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), Delhi University is planning to introduce four-year undergraduate courses, a decision being opposed by teacher associations. According to a report, the committee that was formed to formulate guidelines for the NEP received an email last week regarding courses to be added to their guidelines, including four-year undergraduate courses.Read also – 14 engineering colleges in 8 states will provide technical education in 5 regional languages ​​under the NEP: Minister of Education

It should be noted that the University introduced the Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) in 2014. However, this did not work and had to be abandoned the same year by the government due to massive protests from students and teachers. Also Read – University of Delhi to Resume Practical Classes for Final Year Students from Tomorrow | Details here

If we are to believe the reports, the specialization courses will be overhauled in majors in four years. Students will not earn an honors degree in three years. Also read – University of Delhi to resume hands-on classes for final year students from September 15th. Read the full DU command here

According to the proposed plan, language courses and small departments that do not offer specialization courses will close. And, if students choose to leave the course after the first and second year, they will earn a certificate and a diploma, respectively.

However, no final decision has yet been made, the official added.

Several teachers at the university said the DU would repeat the mistake by implementing four-year programs again. Speaking to the PTI news agency, Seema Das, member of the Academic Council, said: “My suggestion is not to reduce the number of basic articles until the third year, given that in fourth year, if a student is to do research, the knowledge of the basic articles would provide the necessary basis for conducting that research.

“It is regrettable that the University of Delhi has not learned the lessons of its colossal failure of the past: especially in academic reforms. The NEP is an overhaul of the FYUP in many ways. The AU should not hastily implement these decisions without consulting teachers and students, ”said Nandita Narain, associate professor at St Stephen’s College.

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