Delhi University to Increase Fees for Undergraduate Courses From Next Session


The University of Delhi will increase the fees for its undergraduate courses from the 2022-2023 academic session by introducing fees under certain headings and increasing the University Development Fund.

As part of the fee structure for university students, the amount under certain headings is remitted to the university. With the stated aim of streamlining the fee structure across the various colleges and “ensuring uniformity across various expense items”, the university has notified that students at all colleges will be charged under 9 counts.

Of these, the University Student Welfare Fund, University Development Fund and University Facilities and Services Fee, and University Fund to Support Economically Weaker Sections will be given.

Among these, the University Development Fund was increased from Rs 600 to Rs 900, a decision which was adopted by the Executive Council of the University earlier this year based on the recommendations of a committee which had cited a cut in capital grants by the University Grants Commission. .

According to Manoj Sinha, secretary of the Delhi University Principals’ Association, the increase in fees with this notification “is not substantial”.

“Rising development costs have been happening for some time. Apart from this, the new components are leading an EWS fund and the University Student Welfare Fund, both of which are Rs 100 each. Thus, the total increase in university tuition amounts to about Rs 500 for a student. What the new notification did was it rearranged the old heads, because of the different fee structures from college to college,” he said.

According to the notification, the amount of the College Student Welfare Fund, College Development Fund, and College Facilities and Services Fee will be as decided by the colleges at their level. There will be no change in the Delhi University Student Union Tuition and Fund.

However, former Executive Council member Abha Dev Habib said that with the head of Rs 500 for university facilities and service charges, the increase is around Rs 1,000.

“The funds for welfare should come from UGC. If the university wants to start scholarships to support EWS students, they can ask for endowments, they shouldn’t ask all students for money for this. “, she said.


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