DU will bring a new curriculum for undergraduate courses in this academic session


DU (University of Delhi) is set to bring a new curriculum for its undergraduate courses this year.

The new program is being amended based on the Choice Best credit system. Undergraduates in this 2019-2020 session will study a new program on campus.

The different DU departments have prepared a draft for the new curriculum and the DU Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee is looking for suggestions on this.

The University on this matter has solicited suggestions from alumni, professors, the public sector, academics, experts and media professionals before May 31.

28 departments of the University of Delhi have already posted 77 programs offered on its official website.

The CBCS program, which is based on the UGC (Undergraduate Grant Commission) Learning Outcome Best Curriculum Framework (LOCF), is fast becoming an international level.

The committee for this task instructed the departments to send a list of other people in addition to two international experts and two national experts and also to solicit their suggestions through their email credentials.

People can visit the ministry’s website and provide suggestions. There will be two options on the website: “Yes” and “No”. If a person is satisfied with the uploaded suggestion, they can check the “Yes” option and vice versa.

If anyone is likely to give a comment, they can write it in the comments box.

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