education abroad: timeline for preparing for admission to a foreign college for an undergraduate degree

Getting your child admitted to an undergraduate course at a foreign university can seem like a daunting task. However, if you start to prepare well in advance, it can help you avoid making mistakes.

This is when you need to make some crucial decisions to enter the undergraduate course, university, and country of your choice.

36-48 months before (Class 9,10, 11)

  • Work hard to improve your grades as they are taken into account by foreign universities.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and the Olympics.
  • Start identifying your topics of interest and the feed you want to choose based on your skillset.

20-24 months before (Class 11)

  • Start researching countries, universities, and courses that might interest you.
  • Start preparing for your SAT, IELTS, and other English proficiency tests.
  • Pass the tests, so that if you don’t get a good score, you have enough time to retake it.

12-18 months before (Class 12)

june to august

  • After getting your score, preselect 8-10 courses, colleges and universities in the country of your choice. Review their study program, admission requirements and documents, and visa rules.
  • Also check the funds needed, scholarships available, and check with banks or NBFCs for loan eligibility, if you need it.

august to october

  • Colleges and universities start submitting applications from August through October of the previous year, so keep an eye out for your shortlisted institutes.
  • Submit the application early as most deadlines are around October / November, with some extending through January.

8-10 months before

  • Start writing your statement or goal and essay, which plays an important role in deciding your admission.
  • Contact your references and provide them with the required reference forms to complete at least one month before the submission deadline.
  • Ask your school to provide you with any records and transcripts that you may need.

5-7 months before

  • Once you start receiving acceptance letters and interview slots, finalize them quickly and pay the minimum non-refundable deposit to confirm your admission.
  • Apply for scholarships and other sources of funding.
  • Set up all documents for visas and travel arrangements.

2-3 months

  • Apply for a visa and book tickets. Sometimes visa processing can take a long time, so get it right on time, although some universities have a set deadline before which you cannot apply.
  • Find out about health insurance requirements in the country of your choice. Buy health insurance.
  • Make accommodation arrangements in the country of your choice, whether on campus or off campus.

1-2 months

  • Get all the documents and things in place and prepare 1 to 2 months to go abroad for your undergraduate studies!

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