Eight undergraduate and 14 postgraduate programs at Newcastle University dropped from 2021 | Maitland Mercury


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Newcastle University will consolidate or cut 530 subjects – around a quarter of its total offering – as part of its course optimization program. UON Assistant (Academic) Vice Chancellor Mark Hoffman told staff on Monday that eight undergraduate programs and 14 postgraduate programs will also be cut from 2021. UON will suspend four postgraduate programs in the creative industries for 2021 due to the low number of students. “Higher education and student expectations and the needs of the nation have changed dramatically over the past five to ten years, but particularly due to COVID,” Professor Hoffman said. “There is a huge need to have students who do more work-integrated learning, so their studies with an internship or with an industry problem… we have had too many small courses to really achieve this.” We have put ourselves in a position where UON is in a very good position to focus its courses in the future. It has previously been reported that UON has identified 500 subjects for potential suspension, consolidation or termination, as well as three undergraduate programs and 19 postgraduate programs. It will also consolidate its five faculties. in three colleges. “It’s not a simple thing where you look at the courses and put a text through some, you look when you can put a few courses together because they teach similar content in different parts of the university, or you could. sort of looking at things where there’s a little bit of content in one course and another and so you could take three courses and turn them into two, “he said.” So it’s really hard right off the bat. to figure out exactly what’s going to happen and through the consultation process it turned out to be around 530. “What is happening now is the principals, those who run the disciplines, looking at the whole their enrollment in the future … so it’s very difficult to say for sure where that will land at this point. “Dropped undergraduate programs are Creative Industries; Creative Industries / Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Technology (Renewable Energy Systems) the); mechatronic engineering (specialist) / business; mechatronics engineering (specialized) / sciences; and fine arts (specialty). Information technology (specialization) and IT (specialization) will be combined and replaced by IT (specialty). Newcastle National Higher Education Union branch chairman Dan Conway said the union “continues to be gravely concerned with the current process of cutting courses and restructuring colleges simply on the grounds of a financial imperative aimed at reducing staff costs, in order to achieve a predetermined budget outcome for fund-building programs. “” Members tell us that decisions are made simply on financial matters rather than on the quality of education and academic considerations, “he said.” Do we want to end up with a hollowed out shell of a college education?


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