Former foster student achieves college graduation goal


LAKE PARK, Fla – Mary Brown, 22, is proud of what she has achieved so far.

“I just got my bachelor’s degree in public administration last month. I also have a certificate in leadership. I work at PNC Bank as a bank teller,” Brown said.

Brown is a graduate of Florida International University and has taken on many challenges. In 2014, WPTV met Brown while she was in foster care at Place of Hope. She explained why she was no longer in her family’s house.

“There is a lot of violence and drug addiction in my house,” Brown said in 2014.

Brown stayed in foster care until she got older, not giving up on her dream of going to college. She said her foster parents helped her.

“The family aspect that you have there, like being part of a family. Being able to feel like you belong and really develop and bond,” Brown said.

Now Brown is on the Villages of Hope Young Adult Campus.

“Mary is an example of someone who came in at age 11 and stayed and developed and blossomed into an amazing young woman,” said Jamie Bond, director of advanced development at Place of Hope.

Brown wants to inspire others and one day aspires to work in human resources.

“Whether it’s your voice or whatever the situation. There’s something you have, I promise everyone has something. This little thing that turns a light on in you. It’s your gift. “you to allow it to grow. Use every chance you have. Always be there to inspire others and allow yourself to grow,” said Brown.

A young woman who does not give up.

“Heal while you have the chance, while the resources are there. Take advantage of every resource and opportunity that is offered to you and learn to use it to improve yourself and go and help others,” said Brown.

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