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Two years of free community college won’t figure in the federal budget for 2022, but those who fought for it say they haven’t finished pushing for the proposal to become law.

“I will do it,” President Joe Biden said at a CNN town hall in October. He added that First Lady Jill Biden, who currently teaches at a community college, would not be happy with him if he didn’t. Most recently, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona told the Detroit Free Press in November that he would continue to advocate nationally for a free community college.

Some members of Congress echoed the sentiments, including some of the original sponsors of the free community college proposal. Since 2015, when the proposal was first introduced, lawmakers such as Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin have been pushing to make community colleges free nationwide.

Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash., Said in an email that widespread support for free community colleges, from Congress to the White House, had created momentum behind the proposal. This momentum, she said, motivates her to keep pushing for a free community college.

“We need to build on the progress we’re making to give students and workers the support they need to be successful,” said Murray, co-sponsor of the proposal. “Much like President Biden – and community college champions like Senator Baldwin – I will not stop fighting until we finally make community colleges free.”

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