Helsinki Police Investigate € 200,000 Phishing Scam on Behalf of Posti | Yle Uutiset


The victims received a text message claiming to be from Posti.

Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

The Helsinki Police Department is investigating a highly organized scheme that has struck victims three times.

The most recent scam came to light last weekend and involved 30 victims who ended up online for around $ 19,000. The police estimated that the perpetrators of the scam could have earned more than 200,000 euros.

The ploy was to force victims to hand over their personal details and online banking information, which was then used to obtain instant loans. The loans were then immediately transferred to a bank account in Finland and withdrawn from ATMs in Estonia.

Police say different people were used to withdraw the funds and pass them on to other members of the criminal chain. Early information suggests that the banking information of clients of Nordea and OP banks was used to apply for the payday loans.

The scam involved texting allegedly Posti victims, informing them that a package addressed to them had been sent to the nearest collection point. It provided a link that took users to a phishing site, which asked them to verify their identity using their online banking codes.

“The scam was carried out in a professional manner. In any case, the website was only available for a weekend and then many SMS were sent. Mules were used to withdraw the money the same weekend, “said the Helsinki police detective. Jukkapekka Risu said in a statement.


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