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Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Warren County Career Center students (from left) Abigail Wilson (Business as a Career), Carter Lookenhouse (Academic Progress), Alessandra Tundel (Business as a Career), Mitchell Rossman (Academic Progress), Kendra Chase ( Academic Progress), Paige Dexter (Academic Progress) and Addison Downor Rice (Entrepreneurship), received the Jamestown Business College Awards reflecting full scholarship offers from Jordan Nicholson, Admissions Associate. Absent from the photo were Tanner Carlson (Entrepreneurship), Erin Wilson (Business as a Career), Tristian McKee (Business as a Career) and Macey Eyler (Academic Progress).

Jamestown Business College recognized the excellence of several Warren County Career Center students with scholarship offers.

Admissions Associate Jordan Nicholson presented awards to 11 Career Center students.

“I’m super excited for you,” Nicholson said. “It’s a special opportunity to be recognized and see what all of your accomplishments have brought to you.”

The three different awards were: Academic Progress Award, Entrepreneurship Award and Business as a Career Award.

The Academic Progress Award recognizes students who “strive for academic progress and demonstrate good citizenship and a strong work ethic”, Nicholson said.

This award was presented to Carter Lookenhouse, Mitchell Rossman, Macey Eyler, Kendra Chase and Paige Dexter.

The entrepreneurship prize rewards students who “plan to own or run their own business”, she says. “Candidates should express a strong interest in combining their technical skills from WCCC with a strong business administration degree from JBC.”

The students who won this award were: Addison Downor Rice and Tanner Carlson.

The final prize rewards students who “have a career goal of being in the business sector,” she says.

These winners were: Abigail Wilson, Alessandra Tundel, Erin Wilson and Tristian McKee.

Each of the awards allows the student to earn an associate degree at JBC “tuition free”.

“We’re a private college…with more of that hands-on attention and personalization,” Nicholson said.

JBC offers six Associate of Business Administration degree program options and a Bachelor of Management.

“It’s a great opportunity that the career center and Jamestown Business College have given us to continue our studies”, said Rossman. “The marketing professor, Ms (Cathie) Cummings, was very helpful to all of us.”

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