Norland College becomes UK’s smallest undergraduate degree provider


Norland College in Bath, the specialist provider of early childhood education and training, has announced that it has been granted credentialing powers by the Privy Council.

The announcement means that Norland College has become the smallest provider of undergraduate degrees in the UK.

The granting of the attribution power is a major step towards the college’s ambition to become the first university specializing in early childhood in the world.

From September 2019, students will be able to study for a Norland College degree alongside the prestigious Norland College Diploma.

Founded in London in 1892 by Emily Ward, Norland College has since been at the forefront of childcare education, providing students with the opportunity to become one of the most successful childcare professionals. wanted in the world.

Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland College, said: “We are incredibly proud to have been granted credentialing authorities. This marks a milestone in the College’s 127 year history and demonstrates how Norland remains at the forefront of enhancing the status and value of the child care profession.

“The College now matches its unprecedented reputation in the field of early childhood with the privilege and responsibilities of the awarding powers of the taught degrees. “

Mandy Donaldson, Associate Director, Quality and Standards Manager and Registrar at Norland College, said: “This achievement is a testament to the exceptional quality of the academic offering at Norland College.

“This demonstrates that the Student Office has full confidence in our ability to maintain academic standards and improve the quality of student learning experiences. “

The granting of the credentials taught comes less than 12 months after Norland College was awarded a Gold rating, the highest possible standard, in the government’s Teaching Excellence (TEF) framework in June 2018.

The TEF is assessed on metrics such as the learning environment, student experience, and post-graduation employment opportunities, and is largely based on student feedback.

Martin Clarke, Chairman of the Board of Norland College, said: “This announcement marks a new and exciting era for Norland College. The process of securing the powers of awarding taught degrees involved considerable work on the part of all staff and the entire college has been rigorously scrutinized against national criteria. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for this major achievement. “

Norland offers a full-time three-year BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Development and Learning, which so far has been validated by the University of Gloucestershire.

The diploma is integrated into the prestigious Norland Diploma, which accompanies the diploma and for a year afterwards, allowing students to put theory into practice.

Norland graduates continue to be in high demand and the college is able to provide newly qualified nannies with 100% employment opportunities through its own in-house placement agency.

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