Ohio State Announces New Dean of College of Social Work


Executive Vice President and Vice President of The Ohio State University Melissa L. Gilliam announced that David A. Jenkins has accepted an offer to become dean of the College of Social Work. The rental is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Jenkins’ appointment takes effect July 1.

Jenkins joins Ohio State from the University of Louisville, where he has been a professor and dean of the Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work and Family Science since 2016. As dean, he advanced support for faculty research and teaching while strengthening diversity efforts. , equity and inclusion within the Kent School and across campus and communities. Before coming to the University of Louisville, he served on the social work faculty at Texas Christian University for 25 years, including nine years as department chair.

“Please join me in welcoming our newest colleague, David, to Ohio State,” Gilliam said in a message to the university community.

Her fellowship focuses on health disparities faced by marginalized individuals and families, seeking to better understand the lived experiences of those who are underrepresented in academic and professional literature, Gilliam said. Most often, her research examines the lives and issues faced by sexual minorities as individuals, couples and families.

Jenkins earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MSW from Louisiana State University in addition to a doctorate in social work from Florida State University. He is also certified as a Registered Clinical Social Worker.

“Through scholarship, teaching, and service, the college is dedicated to enhancing individual and community well-being, celebrating difference, and advancing social and economic justice for people. vulnerable,” Gilliam said. “Under David’s leadership, the college will build on its longstanding work, envisioning new ways to solve complex individual and social problems through innovation and compassion in service of local communities, the state , the nation and the world.”

Gilliam thanked the search committee chaired by Dean Trevor Brown of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Gilliam thanked current Dean Tom Gregoire for his 13 years of service. She said leadership will continue to be “an asset to the university as we engage the communities of which we are a part”.

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