St Stephen’s publishes first cut list for undergraduate courses


St Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi released its first selection list for undergraduate courses on Friday, announcing the highest threshold of 99.5% for economics (Hons) for business and science students human.

Business and Science students will need 99% to be eligible for admission to the History (Hons), English (Hons) and BA program.

The threshold for humanities students for history, English, and the bachelor’s degree program is 98.25 percent, 98.7 percent and 97.75 percent, respectively.

Like last year, the college will not be holding entrance tests due to the coronavirus pandemic and interviews will be conducted online.

Delhi University arranges merit-based admissions which are done on the basis of thresholds.

St Stephen’s College publishes a separate cut-off list that is weighted at 85 percent and the remaining 15 percent at online interviews.

Before the pandemic, the 15% weighting was split between a written test and an interview.

The college reserves 50 percent of its seats for Christian candidates.

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