Staff, Current and Former Students Express Sorrow at End of Undergraduate Courses at Newcastle University, Port Macquarie Campus | Port Macquarie News


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There has been a mixed reaction from staff and students that Newcastle University will no longer be offering new undergraduate enrollment at its Port Macquarie campus. The change, for the time being, will not impact current nursing, midwifery and elementary education students who will be able to complete their studies at university. The options of nurses and higher education teachers will not be lost in Hastings, however. Charles Sturt University is expected to offer the courses, as part of its expansion to Port Macquarie, in 2020. Dana Gawith, a fourth-year teaching student, said it was “so disappointing.” “I can honestly say that this campus with a smaller cohort is much more personal and supportive, it is a great loss for Port Macquarie,” Ms. Gawith said. Angie Reichelt’s son is halfway through his undergraduate studies at the Newcastle University campus in Port Macquarie. “I was shocked at the news,” she said. “This is a great course and I believe that closing undergraduate courses at the university will do our community a disservice. the jobs of her college professors. “Former student Ebony Lawson described it as a” disgrace. “” I feel so blessed that I was able to study midwifery locally, “Ms. Lawson said. Newcastle Head Teacher at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the Port Macquarie Campus, Dr Graeme Browne, said that while it was “disappointing” there would be opportunities in the “postgraduate space”. a way forward with an emphasis on postgraduate education and research, “Dr Brown said. Dr Brown said there was an initial agreement between Newcastle University and CSU to that the latter is not going into nursing, education and midwifery. any undergraduate space. But he wished CSU the best of luck in its endeavors. “We have every reason to want them are successful, “said Dr Brown.” We hope that local nurses will consider in. ur pursuing their postgraduate studies at Port Macquarie with the University of Newcastle. “He conceded that the University of Newcastle probably needed to ‘spend more money’ and ‘invest a lot more to make it work properly here and that’s why CSU saw the space, “but insisted there would be opportunities for staff. Dr Brown said staff were assured there would be no job cuts on campus. There are 58 staff on the University of Newcastle Port Macquarie campus. Of these, 37 are casual, 14 are under contract and seven are permanent staff. The University declined to comment on whether there would be staff cuts. A spokesperson told Port News that “the University is committed to supporting staff during this transition and will continue to work with CSU to identify opportunities for our staff and students.” And with the new courses being offered at CSU, it looks like there will be teaching opportunities as well. CSU Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor John Germov said the university was looking to make a number of staff appointments in connection with their new courses. “Staff at Newcastle University based in Port Macquarie would be encouraged to apply for relevant and available positions and the university would of course be delighted with their experience and support any transition to Charles Sturt as an employer,” said Professor Germov. Any student wishing to move to Charles Sturt University would also be supported. “The University of Newcastle has said they will teach the degrees, but some students may wish to switch to Charles Sturt,” he said. “We are working on how best to facilitate this and educate students on their options to ensure they have a smooth transition to Charles Sturt if that is what they choose to do.”


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