Starbucks will shake up its rewards system


The coffee giant’s rewards system allows members to receive “stars” when they make purchases, potentially earning them a free drink once they’ve collected enough.

Right now, if you’re a member, you earn one star for every transaction you make, which earns you a free drink after you’ve made 15 purchases at Starbucks.

But under the new system, you’ll earn three stars for every £ 1 spent at Starbucks, which will earn you a free drink after collecting 150 stars – so, essentially, once you’ve spent £ 50 with the chain.

Starbucks says this will allow customers to get free drinks faster, saying the average rewards program member will be able to get their gift five weeks earlier under the new system. But whether you are a reshuffle winner or loser will depend on what you typically spend when you visit Starbucks.

Starbucks says the new rewards system will be “available soon” in the UK. He didn’t reveal an exact launch date, but sent emails to customers about the changes this week.

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