Stephen Curry graduated from Davidson College


Stephen Curry graduated from Davidson College on Sunday, graduating 16 years after setting foot on campus as a scrawny teenager.

Why is this important: Davidson only removes jerseys from players who have graduated – no exceptions. Finally, the small liberal arts college (~2,000 students) will officially recognize its most famous son, with plans to hang his jersey in the rafters this year.

  • Curry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology, as a member of the Class of 2022.
  • He was unable to attend Commencement, but his name was on the program, which caused a stir among students and attendees.

The backdrop: As a sophomore in 2008, Curry put Davidson on the map with an Elite Eight run. When he turned pro the following year, he told his parents and coach Bob McKillop that he would return to complete his education.

  • Three years later, Curry returned to campus during the NBA lockout to take classes. He practiced with the team that semester, even playing his brother Seth as Davidson prepared for Duke.
  • Curry quietly completed his final semester this spring, working with two Davidson faculty members, a Stanford professor and a UC Santa Cruz professor — both of whom taught him when they were at Davidson.

The last word: “I knew what I signed up for when I went to Davidson,” Curry said in 2015 of the school’s rigorous academics. In 2019, he shared a fond memory of the team’s Cinderella race…

I was coming back from dinner, after practice – the day before our game against Kansas. … And that was the weirdest thing ever: I turned around the corner of the hallway … and I ran into about half the team. The guys were sitting there on the floor with their warmups and bulky 2007 laptops.

Like, this bunch of guys who just gave back-to-back rants at Georgetown and Wisconsin. Sitting on the floor, typing. And I’m like, “Umm…what are you doing?” The whole group responds at the same time: “MIDTERMS”.

Not for real. It’s a true story. It’s 12 hours before the Elite Eight, 12 hours before the biggest game of our lives – and these boys were literally writing essays in the hallway. Direct shredding in the Word document. Man, I love Davidson with all my heart.

Curry, via Players’ Tribune


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