Stephens College graduation will take place this weekend | Higher Education


Stephens College will celebrate its graduating students on Friday and Saturday at its spring commencement ceremonies.

The Graduate and Continuing Studies Ceremony will be held Friday at 6 p.m. in the Kimball Ballroom of the Lela Raney Wood Pavilion. The Undergraduate Opening Ceremony will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Expo Center.

The first speaker will be Kirsteen Buchanan, winner of the 2022 Distinguished Teacher of the Year award. Buchanan graduated from Stephens College in 1983 and has taught at the school for more than two decades, according to the school’s website.

Amanda Kujiraoka is the class speaker.

Stephens College has a tradition dating back to 1921 called The Ten Ideals, in which 10 students are selected who personify the core values ​​of the university. These students will be recognized at the ceremony.

The students, referred to as “the ten,” were selected to represent the following ideals:

  • Belief – Alaysia Taylor
  • Courage – Natalia Harris
  • Creativity – Armelia Cox
  • Independence – Leslie Douglas
  • Intelligence – Gillian Sanchez
  • Direction – Laura Votruba
  • Respect – Macy McIntosh
  • Liability – Marley Lefler
  • Sensitivity – Darby Davis
  • Support – Anadelia Medina

Four-Fold Girl Award winner Rah’Jai Henderson and Top Private Citizen Camri Anderson will also be honored at the graduation.


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