The 10 Best Undergraduate Courses in AI and Data Science for 2021


Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in technology and commerce today, and the field of data science is fundamental to how it works. Data science courses now all have a strong AI presence, and a few institutions already offer undergraduate degrees specializing in AI.

The growing number of colleges and universities offering courses in these subjects indicates that the industry as a whole expects there to be a world of rewarding opportunities for those with formal training and accreditation. .

Did I say gratifying? Well, according to, the average salary for a data scientist last year was $ 107,000. So, this is definitely a career to consider if earning a good starting salary is on your priority list!

If you are dropping out of school and interested in technology and the future, or re-qualifying due to changes in your life during these difficult times, you may be considering studying for an AI degree or in data science, or take a module as part of a statistics or computer science course. Here’s a quick look at some of the best opportunities out there.

Harvard University – Data Science Program

Harvard University offers two data science streams for undergraduates who wish to study data science as part of their degree. One focuses on math and statistics, while the other specializes in training in data analysis used by government. While the government course covers math, statistics, and the basics of computing, it also includes elements of social science, alumni working in data-driven journalism and for political organizations, as well as research companies. leading technology like Google and Netflix. Outside of the social sciences, the university’s work on adapting AI to robotics is also world-renowned. Harvard was identified as the best university for data science by Correlation One, which produces a standardized test to assess data scientists on their skills.

University of Michigan – Undergraduate Program in Data Science

This major in data science aims to provide students with in-depth training in the basic math, computer and statistical skills that go into the crucible for creating data science. As a prestigious institution renowned for its cutting-edge research and development in information technology and artificial intelligence, a degree from this university will be an excellent icebreaker in any data science job interview. You will have the chance to learn data mining, machine learning, and how to write algorithms that put it all to work in the real world.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – BSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Aiming to strike a balance between computer science and mathematics, this course is administered by the school’s Computational Intelligence Lab, which studies the links between biological and cognitive brain functions and their implications for artificial thinking, and the Data Science and AI Research Center, which explores real-world businesses and societal implementations of AI and analytics.

Columbia University, New York – BA in Data Science

Columbia’s computer science majors can take a variety of pathways that include the fundamentals of data science, AI, and machine learning in their education, including a bachelor’s degree course administered by the School of Engineering. Students learn about probability, statistics, regression, and machine learning. From there, they can progress to the Intelligent Systems track and delve deeper into topics such as natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.

University of Edinburgh – B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

This degree addresses two fundamental concepts of AI and data science – on the one hand, the use of computation to understand the concepts and features of natural intelligence, and on the other hand, the use of technologies such as machine learning to replicate these functions in machines. The four-year course will give you the chance to cover everything from basic programming to neuroscience and advanced robotics. Once you graduate you will undoubtedly be seen as a worthy candidate by top employers in AI and data science, but the school has a solid reputation for training as well. founders of successful start-ups in the field.

London School of Economics – B.Sc. Data Science

Aims to teach the quantitative skills necessary for a career in business or public sector data science or to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree. qualification. It covers data mining and machine learning and their application in economics and finance. Although the title of the degree is data science, there is a strong trend towards artificial intelligence and more sophisticated use cases, as is the case with most data science courses today. .

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh – Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon has a strong legacy with AI. It was the first university in the United States to offer an Honors BA in Artificial Intelligence, and also claims to be the place where AI was first invented over 50 years ago. Teaching is provided jointly by the faculties of computer science, software research, language technologies, machine learning and robotics. The school is also engaged in its AI For Social Good program, where innovative use cases that have the potential to positively impact society are explored. Students are also expected to study cognitive science or cognitive psychology as part of their degree.

MIT, Massachusetts

MIT undergraduates have the opportunity to engage with the school’s Computing and Artificial Intelligence Lab, a leader in AI research and development since its inception in 1963 under the name of “Project MAC” – Machine Aided Cognition. MIT has a reputation as a center of technical excellence, so AI is linked to many disciplines and fields of study available to students. Everything from the haptic feedback interface on your mobile phone to military reconnaissance robots has been developed here!

As with most of the institutions listed here, enrollment in their courses is very competitive, but if you are lucky enough to be successful, you will learn and study alongside world-class thinkers and leaders in AI and science. data. science.

Stanford University, California – BSc Computer Science

Stanford’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offers an AI stream that gives undergraduates the opportunity to learn from experts at one of the world’s most renowned AI research institutes. Elective courses are available that cover the full spectrum of AI fundamentals, including machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and language networks. Students also explore the applications of these techniques in other disciplines such as biomedical research and economics.

Brigham Young University, Utah – Statistics with data science

This course might not be the most famous, but it is ranked # 1 by, which rates courses across the United States based on factors such as graduation rates and value for money. price. Students cover the use of data and statistics in industrial applications, forecasting, and computer programming. The course covers programming in R and Python, two of the most commonly used programming languages ​​for data science, and covers calculus, probability, regression, and statistical calculus, among other fundamental data science skills.

As data science and AI become important skills in any industry or career, and not everyone wants to devote their entire undergraduate degree to it, you might also be interested in these courses. Big Data & Data Science Online Free, which you can study with anyone else. other course.


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