The Ministry of HRD survey indicates that the enrollment rate of students in undergraduate courses is highest at 79.8%


New Delhi: The 2018-19 All India Higher Education Survey, released by the Ministry of Human Resources Development on Saturday, indicated that more students are enrolled in undergraduate programs and more students in science are pursuing doctoral studies. Similar trends have also been recorded in previous surveys.

“About 79.8% of students are enrolled in the undergraduate program. 1,69,170 students are enrolled in the doctorate, which represents less than 0.5% of the total enrolled students ”, indicates the survey. Among the states, Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of students, followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

The survey covered all higher education institutions in the country that are registered with the code AISHE. Institutions are classified into three broad categories; universities, colleges and autonomous institutions. About 962 universities, 38,179 colleges and 9,190 independent institutions responded to the survey.

The total number of enrollments in higher education was estimated at 37.4 million, of which 19.2 million were men and 18.2 million were women. Women represent 48.6% of the total number of registrations.

The Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in tertiary education in India is 26.3%, for people aged 18-23. The GER for the male population is 26.3% and for women it is 26.4%. For Scheduled Castes it was recorded at 23% and for Scheduled Tribes it was 17.2% compared to the national GER of 26.3%.

Highest enrollment rate in UG courses

According to the survey, the largest number of students are enrolled in undergraduate courses across the country. Of the total number of students of 3,73,99,388, a large majority of 2,98,295,075 are enrolled in UG programs.

“That’s a 79.8% sweep,” the report said. After the UG course, the highest enrollment numbers were observed for post-graduation courses with an enrollment rate of 10.8%, which is around 40.42 lakh students.

There are 3,880 students enrolled in integrated doctoral studies in addition to the 1,69,170 students enrolled in doctoral courses, according to the survey. Only 7.2% of students are enrolled at degree level in India, which is 26.99 lakh students. The majority of students in diploma courses are enrolled in the Teacher Training, Nursing Sciences and Technical streams. However, only 1.62 lakh and 2.24 lakh students are enrolled at the Certificate and PG Diploma levels respectively, which represents approximately 0.44% and 0.60% of the total share at each level.

The most popular program

AISHE also listed the programs that registered the highest and lowest number of registrations. Student enrollment was surveyed in a total of 10 programs, which are known to have relatively higher enrollments.

According to the survey, the number of students enrolled was highest for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program with 93.49 lakh students.

“The greatest number of students are enrolled in art classes. The total number of students enrolled in art classes is 93.49 lakh, of which 46.96% are men and 53.03% are women, ”according to the AISHE report.

Science was the second major current as it had an enrollment of 47.13 lakh students, of which 49% were men and 51% were women. Commerce is the third major stream with 40.3 lakh students enrolled.

At doctoral level, however, a maximum number of students are enrolled in the Sciences stream. The survey showed that 44,702 students are enrolled in doctoral programs in the Science stream, which has been divided into 18 sub-streams, including math, chemistry, physics, and zoology.

Chemistry recorded the highest number of doctoral students among these sub-streams at 8,036 (including 4,553 men and 3,483 women). This is followed by doctoral courses in engineering and technology.

At postgraduate level (PG), a maximum of students are enrolled in social sciences, with the management component coming in second. For doctoral courses, the Social Sciences strand has a total of 16,698 students enrolled, which are divided into 13 sub-strands. Of this, the economy has the highest number of students enrolled in doctoral programs.


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