UHV signs new partnership agreement with Blinn College

Partnership allows students to earn both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees

UHV and Blinn College enter into new partnership agreement

VICTORIA, Texas — On Tuesday, representatives from the University of Houston-Victoria and Blinn College met to sign an agreement. The agreement will allow students to earn both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree at each institution through an academic pathway program.

This new arrangement called the Clear, Affordable Pathway to Success or CAPS program will give students the option of enrolling at both institutions. They will also have the chance to start an associate’s degree from Blinn College and a bachelor’s degree from UHV at the same time. This will allow students to get a head start on their bachelor’s degree.

Students taking the Pathway program will have the chance to complete an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree for less than $25,000. They will also be eligible for scholarships at both institutions.

UHV President Bob Glenn issued the following statement

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with an excellent community college,” said UHV President Bob Glenn. “We will do whatever it takes to help students achieve the future they see for themselves. I see a bright future for all of us and look forward to working with Blinn College.

Both UHV and Blinn will offer 21-degree pathways, including programs such as accounting, biology, construction management, computer science, cybersecurity, education, math, nursing and more. . These specific pathways will help encourage students to earn an associate degree. This will also encourage them to continue their academic journey towards a baccalaureate.

Blinn College District Chancellor Mary Hensley released the following statement

“Blinn College District is proud to partner with the University of Houston-Victoria to provide students with seamless pathways to 21 career-focused bachelor’s degrees,” said Blinn College District Chancellor Mary Hensley. “With a focus on affordability and individualized education, this agreement was designed to make higher education more accessible and encourage student success.”

Students can enroll in any of the degree tracks starting in high school through dual credit enrollment at Blinn College. They can also enroll as a freshman at Blinn College. Some students may qualify to take more than one UHV course in their first year in the program.

Karla DeCuir, UHV Senior Director of Enrollment Management and External Affairs, released the following statement

“Agreements like this are very important to the future of higher education,” said Karla DeCuir, UHV’s senior director of enrollment management and external affairs. “It’s important for us to find a way to make higher education degrees more accessible and affordable by creating pathways to success.”

This program will also help students interact with others on both campuses. Blinn College students can familiarize themselves with UHV faculty early in their studies. Depending on the course of study, students can then transfer to the UHV Victoria campus, UHV Katy or online, DeCuir said.

“We are thrilled to have this new type of program for Blinn College and UHV students,” she said. “We are focused on how we can support students early in their college career and how they can immerse themselves in a program that will lead them to two degrees and prepare them for a successful career. .”

Students interested in the Clear, Affordable Pathway to Success program will need to apply to both Blinn College and UHV. You can find more information by contacting UHV at [email protected] You can also call 281-396-3808 or go to www.uhv.edu/transfer or www.blinn.edu.


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