Undergraduate courses


Higher and lower college courses

Level 100 courses are primarily, but not exclusively, for first year students;
200 level courses are primarily intended for students of Lower College;
300 and 400 level courses are designed for Upper College students.

Most Lower College courses meet twice a week for 80 minutes per session, although instructors can vary the length and frequency of meetings based on their estimate of a class’s needs. Many Upper College seminary courses meet once a week for two hours and 20 minutes. Lab courses generally meet three times a week (two two-hour seminars or lectures and one lab session). Introductory language courses typically have four one-hour sessions each week, Intensive language courses have five two-hour sessions each week, and immersion language courses have five three-hour sessions each week. Most tutorials meet once a week for an hour.

All courses are four credits, unless otherwise specified. There are several two-credit seminars; intensive language courses consist of eight credits and immersion language courses 12 credits. A normal course load is 16 credits per semester.

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