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As a pre-med student, Thomas Khuu (BA, Biochemistry, 2019) studied degenerative diseases of the retina at the UW Medicine Eye Institute.

Research opportunities abound, but finding the right fit for your interests can take some effort. Here are some suggestions to start your search:

Approach a professor whose research interests you. The faculty may be looking for a research assistant or aware of other opportunities. It could be a great conversation during office hours.

Consider a research-based course. Research-oriented courses can introduce research methods and help you assess your interest in a longer-term research project.

Talk to a department advisor. Advisors in the department are often aware of research possibilities. If you are an honors student, also find out about the possibilities of pursuing independent research as part of your department’s honors program.

Think beyond your own discipline. Be open to research opportunities outside of your major. Many students find research opportunities in other departments, colleges or centers affiliated with UW.

Devote a summer to research in the humanities. In the UW Summer Institute in Arts and Humanities, undergraduate students engage in scholarly research with accomplished academics and peers while earning full-time college credit.

Explore the resources of UW’s Undergraduate Research Program (URP). URP offers advice on all aspects of undergraduate research.

If your research involves human or animal subjects, The Research Ethics page of the URP includes links to information on UW policy and federal regulatory requirements.

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