University College encourages students to share their two cents in the new school tradition | UTSA today | UTSA


“The Two Cents tradition follows you throughout your life, providing you with opportunities to succeed by allowing you to receive and offer information you learned as a student,” said Mehak Marwaha, a UTSA College of Liberal and Fine Arts senior and current mentor. “Since my freshman year, I have been able to use the guidance and methods my teacher provided to me in my AIS classroom throughout my college career and beyond.”

As a peer mentor, Marwaha says she now offers her “two cents” to help students facing challenges similar to hers and directs them to educational resources available at UTSA to help them complete their studies. .

AIS is part of the UTSA Freshman Experience, a program designed to help freshmen make a smooth transition to college and lay the foundation for academic success. Throughout the semester, AIS students explore majors related to their interests and engage in career exploration. The course is required for all freshmen entering UTSA with less than 30 credit hours.

Rebecca Schröderteaching associate professor at University College, and Jean Kaiser, a former college faculty member, started the tradition. As faculty at a relatively young university, Schroeder and Kainer recognized that they were in a unique position at UTSA to build meaningful new traditions from the ground up.

“Traditions are an integral part of college for many students, and they help foster a sense of community by allowing students through the years to have a shared experience,” Schroeder said. “We wanted to start something that would leave AIS students with a strong sense of belonging and remind them of everything they have learned and accomplished in their first year at UTSA.”

The AIS faculty plans to build on the tradition in the future by holding on-campus penny drives so that current Roadrunners can contribute in a tangible way to the “two cents” of the incoming class. They also integrate a virtual bulletin board using Adobe Creative Cloud Express, where AIS students can leave tips for prospective freshmen to read during their first week of class. Additionally, Schroeder hopes to eventually expand the Two Cents for Success ceremony.


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