University of Mumbai publishes fourth merit list for undergraduate courses


On Monday August 24, the University of Mumbai released the Fourth Merit List for Undergraduate Places.

While some colleges had no vacancies for aspiring students, several other colleges experienced higher thresholds than the previous merit list that was announced last week. For some colleges, this was not the fourth merit list, but simply the second round of admission by the University of Mumbai for students who might have missed the first round.

However, colleges like St Xavier’s at Dhobi Talao in Mumbai no longer had vacancies for this round. On the other hand, the administration of KC College in Churchgate decided to give a chance to students whose names were already on their previous lists but were unable to complete the process due to several issues. Most of these colleges have announced their fourth list on their respective websites.

In the past, during the first week of August, graduating colleges released their first merit list as part of the University of Mumbai admissions process for first year undergraduate courses. The thresholds for courses appeared to have increased slightly this year.

On August 25, the University of Mumbai released details regarding the conduct of online courses for the 2020-21 academic year. In order to carry out the process, teachers were asked to divide each subject into four quadrants, which are video lectures, specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded and printed, self-assessment tests through of tests and quizzes and an online discussion forum to dispel any doubts of students receiving instruction through this online learning method.


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