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Vermont Business Magazine The University of Norwich Academic Research Office has announced the Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships and Apprenticeship Grants for the summer and fall of 2021 and for the academic year 2021-22:

Summer research grants

The Summer Research Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to support creative or academic projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students receive a stipend of $ 3,000 for a six-week scholarship or $ 4,800 for a ten-week scholarship.

The Weintz Fellow designation is awarded to summer research fellows with a strong academic standing whose proposals have been highly rated by the undergraduate research committee. The Weintz Research Fellowship Program was created by Norwich University Administrator Fred Weintz Jr. and his wife, Betsy, to support the independent research efforts of our highly promising undergraduate university students.

University researchers

  • Vincent Antonecchia (Prof. Danny Sagan), Architecture and Ornamental History at the Bronx Zoo
  • Renata De Paiva (Dr Jeremy Hansen), Should We Trust Smart Devices? An investigation into privacy concerns caused by the Internet of Things
  • Robyn Dudley (Dr Michael Thunberg), Types of Government and Aid Delivery Effectiveness
  • Isabela Ferraro (Dr. Kaitlin Thomas), Examining the Economic, Systemic, and Cultural Benefits of US-Mexican Immigration in the 21st Century
  • Faith Odegbami (Prof. Sean Prentiss), A study on poetry and its impact
  • Garrett Reihs (Dr. Nadia Al-Aubaidy), The Integration of Building Information Modeling and 3D Printing in Future Residential Buildings in the United States
  • Joshua Tjandra (Dr Seth Soman), Deals with the dairy industry: a study of what has transformed the industry over the past 20 years

Weintz researchers

  • Clara Friend (Dr. Nadia Al-Aubaidy), Identifying Best Practices for Wastewater Management in Green Residential Buildings
  • Michaila Furchak (Prof. Tolya Stonorov), Flood Resilient Architecture
  • Sam Hubbard (Dr Addie Armstrong), A Mathematical Model of Confined Disease Spread
  • Julia Koron (Dr Addie Armstrong), A Mathematical Model of Confined Disease Spread
  • Lydia Reed (Dr Allison Neal), Do Parasites Protect Their Hosts? Testing for antimicrobial activities in redia trematodes
  • Doan Tran (Dr. Tara Kulkarni), Development and testing of a new nozzle head design
  • Johannes Shephard (Dr. Kyle Pivetti), Ecological Ethnocentrism: The Dark Mountain Project and Brexit
  • Analejandra Araujo Tupayachi (Dr Jean-Sébastien Gagnon), Study of the possibility of inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus using electromagnetic waves

Apprenticeship grants

The Learning Grants provide undergraduate students with high impact learning experiences and provide support to faculty for specific research projects and curriculum development initiatives. The learning objectives are to increase the productivity of the faculty and to introduce students to the professional life while developing their skills in communication, analysis, writing and / or research. Learning scholarships are awarded for a single semester, academic year or summer.

Summer 2021

  • Dr. Addie Armstrong, assistant professor of mathematics, and Onduwunde Eli Ekoja, junior major in mechanical engineering and minor in mathematics, for “Ramsey Numbers of Difference T Free Sequences”;
  • Dr Jean-Sébastien Gagnon, assistant professor of physics, and Sarah Farnum, second year student in mechanical engineering, for “Study of a minimal autocatalytic assembly with diffusion”;
  • Dr Elizabeth Gurian, Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Clara Alley, Major Junior in Criminal Justice and Spanish Minor, for “Serial and Mass Murder: Understanding Multicide through Theoretical Explanations, Offending Patterns and Outcomes “;
  • Dr. David Jacobs, assistant professor of physics, and Julie D’Orta, second year student in mechanical engineering, for the viability of hydroacoustics for the detection of dark matter in macro ”;
  • Dr. Stephanie Maass, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, and Kaylee Olander, junior criminal law student, for “The Color of Alcohol”;
  • Dr Allison Neal, assistant professor of biology, and Queen Gibb, second year biology student, for “The ecology of freshwater trematodes in Vermont”;

Fall 2021

  • Dr. Amy Welch, Professor of Health and Exercise Sciences, and Molly Flanagan, Second Year Health Sciences Student, for “Accuracy of a Handheld Biometric Device in Recording Physiological Responses to Meditation mindfulness and diaphragmatic breathing interventions ”;

Academic year 2021-22

  • Dr Jeff Casey, Assistant Theater Professor and Theater Director, and Mr. Alex Rosas, Biology Major and English Minor, for “Pegasus Players’ 2021-22 Season – Technical Director Apprentice”;
  • Professor Sean Prentiss, Associate Professor of English, and Faith Odegbami, second year double major in English and Spanish, for the apprenticeship of the student editor of the Chameleon Literary Journal;
  • Dr. Karen Supan, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Carolina DiCampo, junior engineering student, for “thermogravimetric analysis of reed canarygrass”;
  • Dr. Michael Thunberg, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Ryan Cranston, Second Year Political Science Student, for “Judging the President’s Power: Judicial Review of Executive Orders”

About research at the University of Norwich

Over the past decade, Norwich has increased its investment in academic and undergraduate research on endowment income and overhead of reinvested grants to over $ 800,000, as well as over $ 20 million in acquired research externally and institutional grants managed by the Office of Academic Research. Over 250 students have conducted research since the establishment of the Office of Academic Research in 2007, formalizing research activities in Norwich. The stated objective of the program is:

Learn more about the University of Norwich Undergraduate Research Program here: ????

The University of Norwich is a diverse academic institution that educates students and adults of traditional age in a cadet corps and as civilians. Norwich offers a wide selection of traditional and distance learning programs leading to bachelor’s and graduate degrees. The University of Norwich was founded in 1819 by Captain Alden Partridge of the United States Army and is the oldest private military college in the United States. Norwich is one of six senior military colleges in our country and the home of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

Source: NORTHFIELD, Vermont – University of Norwich 5.18.2021

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