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UROP Mentor Award 2021, recipients

Mentor Award 2021

Kristie soares

Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies

“Dr Soares always goes above and beyond to create inclusive spaces and makes us feel that we belong and deserve to be here.

She has shown us that we have a place not only in academia, but also in any position of power.

We co-create knowledge together, and she tells me I’m already a scholar. For this reason, I am convinced that I am capable of a higher education and that I will excel. “

Nominated by Mariana Galvez Seminario

Mentor Award 2021

Tara Knight

Associate Professor, Critical Media Practices / Co-director, NEST Studio for the Arts

“Dr Knight made me enthusiastic about postgraduate work. Before, I was nervous and scared because I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue.

I learned things that I didn’t know about myself. I learned to find my voice as an artist through a style that was unique to me.

There is too much to be grateful for in this past year, and having Tara Knight as a mentor is one of the greatest blessings. “

Nominated by Diantha McAllister

Mentor Award 2021

Keith musselman

Associate researcher, Arctic and Alpine Research Institute (INSTAAR)

“Dr. Musselman’s support for my research encouraged me to see myself as a competent scientist, which is invaluable to a young woman in science.

I doubt that I would have developed the passion for hydrology that led me to apply for graduate school and pursue a career throughout my life.

He showed me that the way we do our research can actively dismantle systems of oppression, even as we study geosciences. “

Nominated by Siobhan Ciafone

Mentor Award 2021

Roselinde Kaiser

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neurosciences

“Dr. Kaiser consistently meets me with compassion and flexibility when I need it and checks my well-being before anything else.

She was able to adapt and help me teach me new knowledge through a learning style that suits me best.

I can confidently say that I am a kinder, more engaged, and more critical thinker. “

Nominated by Aryanna Ryan, Sophie Sileo and Kaley Keefe

Mentor Award 2021

Akira Miyake

Professor, Psychology and Neurosciences

“Dr. Miyake’s lab has been a school in itself for me. It’s a place where no questions are stupid and there is always more to learn. He showed me how capable I am.

The best part of my time at CU Boulder was working with this inspiring, brilliant, kind and generous educator, and learning what it means to be a psychologist. “

Nominated by Rebekah Benjamin-Pollak

UROP mentor award 2021, honorable mentions

Honorable mention 2021

Lon Abbott

Teaching Professor, Geological Sciences

Nominated by Sabrina Kainz

Honorable mention 2021

Dennis Akos

Professor, Ann and HJ Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Nominated by Fernando Palafox

Honorable mention 2021

Tanya Alderete

Associate Professor, Integrative Physiology

Nominated by Didi Trifonova and Zachariah Morgan

Honorable mention 2021

Amanda Carrico

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Nominated by Mikaila Wahl

Honorable mention 2021

Jason dexter

Assistant Professor, Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

Nominated by Zhiyu Yao

Honorable mention 2021

Michael hannigan

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Nominated by Annamarie Guth

Honorable mention 2021

Pieter Johnson

Professor of distinction, ecology and evolutionary biology

Nominated by Benjamin Johnson

Honorable mention 2021

Meredith Mac Gregor

Assistant Professor, Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

Nominated by Anna Estes

Honorable mention 2021

Christina meyers denman

Assistant Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Nominated by Riley McKibbon and Ava Begun

Honorable mention 2021

David Racine

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Neurosciences

Nominated by Hadley Mills

Honorable mention 2021

Mandy Slate

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Nominated by Natalie Pelton

Honorable mention 2021

Ivan Smalyukh

Professor, Physics

Nominated by Darian Hall

Honorable mention 2021

Tin Tin Su

Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Nominated by Shaynie Segal

Honorable mention 2021

Sabrina volpone

Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership and Information Analysis

Nominated by Sarah Lurie

Honorable mention 2021

Robert wyrod

Associate Professor, International Affairs, Women and Gender Studies

Nominated by Keira Hook

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