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CU Boulder’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is pleased to announce this summer’s scholarship recipients. With mentors in forty departments, these students represent a wide range of disciplines and demonstrate how undergraduates advance the research and creative mission of the university.

The recipients (named below) will receive funding to support their partnerships with project mentors this summer. Students who receive assistantships ($ 2,000 each) will work closely with mentors to advance ongoing efforts. Individual grant recipients ($ 3,000 each) will work on original ideas supported by mentors. The project proposals were selected through a rigorous review process conducted by the UROP review committee (named below).

The UROP team are encouraged by this year’s many resilience stories and thank the research and creation community for their high impact work despite the growing challenges. We sincerely appreciate the many employees working behind the scenes to enable these opportunities, from advisors and program coordinators to the Payments team at the Human Resources Service Center. We also thank our LEAD Alliance programming partners and the constellation of research programs: Biological Sciences Initiative, Discovery Learning Program, YOU’RE @ CU, McNair, STEM Routes and others.

Well documented as transformative learning experiences, engagement in undergraduate research and creative pursuits increases persistence until graduation, prepares students for the future of work, creates space belonging and constitutes an effective approach to fight against social justice. UROP appreciates the academic leadership for prioritizing the funding that makes this possible. Because we understand that educational environments reproduce the inequalities of the societies in which they are found, we are committed to recruiting and supporting students who are historically under-represented in undergraduate research and creative work.

Note: Some recipients have chosen to opt out of this release, and the list of recipients for the 2021-22 academic year will be released later this summer.

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