World Bank Government Abandons Centralized Online Undergraduate Course Admissions System


The West Bengal government on Tuesday reversed the decision of the Department of Higher Education to set up a centralized online admission system for undergraduate courses this year and decided to revert to the earlier student application process in colleges.

Education Minister Bratya Basu told reporters after a meeting with vice chancellors of public universities that the admissions process for UG would be the same as in pre-covid times, when a student should apply for a seat in a particular college. and the respective higher education institution will make the decision based on their admission criteria and the availability of places.

Basu said VCs told him that the infrastructure was not yet ready to have a centralized online admissions portal immediately. In accordance with the now discontinued new system, one could log in and apply, depending on the marks obtained by him at level plus two of the board sitting at home through the centralized online admissions portal.

“VCs said the covid situation and resulting lockdown has made it difficult for them to immediately implement centralized online admission to UG courses at their affiliated colleges, as admissions season is expected to begin soon. We will definitely be rolling it out by next year,” the education minister added.Earlier this month, Basu, following a meeting with vice chancellors of state universities, had said that a candidate can now apply for admission on the basis of marks obtained in upper secondary examinations or other council examinations of more than two levels through the centralized online admission portal.


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