World University Of Design Offers Undergraduate Courses In Design


Courses in transportation design, animation and game design, film and video, design management, conservation practices in art will be the next potential advancements.

In a rapidly growing industry, businesses need a fresh and innovative approach. Every aspect of life requires new ideas, creativity and a new way of seeing. This era belongs to creativity and therefore design thinking is gaining in importance, and professionals with skills and competences are in high demand.

As design education becomes mainstream, the field has been disrupted by the arrival of institutions such as the World University of Design offering interdisciplinary courses with a contemporary curriculum and pedagogy in an academic environment. There are very few educational institutions in India that offer futuristic courses to students.

World University of Design (WUD) equipped with one of the largest portfolios of design courses in India offering more than 24 cutting edge programs including transportation design, product design, game design, film and video, digital drawing and illustration, the built environment and habitat studies, design management, art education and conservation practice, among others; going well beyond traditional offers.

These future-oriented professional odd courses aim to develop competent professionals who will adapt perfectly to the work environment and easily meet the demands of the growing global design economy. These courses offer unique platforms that not only target academics, but also seek to showcase new emerging career paths and, perhaps, even lead to job creation.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Vice-Chancellor, World University of Design occasionally said, “Each individual is different with unique talents and varied skills and must therefore choose a career path based on their passion. At the World University of Design, we aim to provide experiential learning to our students through a blend of studio learning, fieldwork, and theory. The so-called odd unconventional courses are actually well-researched and thought-out courses that have been designed with future requirements in mind. These courses will prepare students for various subjects other than the traditional ones, thus making them ready for the future ”.

To help you discover less frequented academic courses, here are 8 quirky courses offered in the field of design:

Transportation design

The simple design of a car or automobile is outdated. Transportation design is the future. These designers are the ones who specialize and create designs for vehicles and transportation-related products. In transportation design, work can be found in the design of private and commercial automobiles, ships, motorcycles, airplanes, rockets, or heavy transport vehicles.

Design strategy and management (executive)

Executive Degree offers an unusual learning path for working professionals. This program will provide a unique synergy of design principles applied to business management. This course goes well beyond traditional HR, Finance and Marketing type courses. The retail industry offers national and international career opportunities for the graduate.

Built environment studies

The Built Environment Studies is a 3-year program and aims to provide a liberal understanding of spatial design in the context of a built environment. The course addresses emerging areas within architectural space such as built environment design (in areas such as heritage), policy development, architectural / built environment journalism, research or education, BIM modeling, architectural rendering, conservation, etc.

Curatorial practices in art

This master’s level program meets the emerging requirement of art and design curators. Offering a hands-on program that balances collaboration and socially engaged practices, the program covers academic research in history and theory. Museum curator, independent curator or consultant, director of foundation / gallery or museum, art critic, writer, archivist, manager of art collections, exhibition designer are some career options one can choose from after completion. classes.

Fashion art

Not all fashion designers want to worry about patterning and sewing their designs. Viewing haute couture as an art form is in itself a career option. Fashion brands, design houses, architects, graphic design companies, advertising agencies, media, events and entertainment companies, trend forecasters and the publishing industry research and are still hiring this profile. This course is designed to help students understand the nature of creativity by letting go of obsolete habits and conditionings that prevent coming into contact with the natural flow of creative energy.

Animation and game design

The animation and gaming industry in India is acquiring a global identity offering many employment opportunities all over the world. The study programs deal exclusively with animation, games and large-scale, entertainment industry and advertising. In recent times, even companies have made use of this exceptionally rare expertise.

Digital drawing and illustration

This unique course is specially designed to keep pace with the evolution of technology and its impact on art and culture. The program integrates traditional drawing and illustration with digital technologies that reinforce the dimensions of these mediums. Drawing-based visualization and illustration skills are required in the product, automotive, textile, graphic design and fashion industries, as well as strong demand from the clothing industry. printing and publishing.

Artistic education

While every school board talks about the constructive impact of art in school education, there is surprisingly no higher education program on arts education. This course focuses on preparing art educators for the future. The educational approach ensures the creation of an awareness of the needs of a global and diverse society. Individuals could become art teachers for children, teens or even adults. Others may choose to work as program directors.

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